The One Thing Boris Kodjoe Intends To Bring Back To Daytime Television

Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker, one of our favorite celebrity couples, are bringing their real-life chemistry onscreen with the debut of their Fox daytime talk show, “The Boris and Nicole Show.”

The married couple of ten years premiered their show on Monday and plan to offer new insights they say few talk shows provide. In an interview with the Associated Press, Kodjoe and Parker said they wanted their show to avoid the panel format of other notable talk shows. Instead, Parker said she wants their show to be honest and candid.

“We're not going to reinvent the wheel because there's things about daytime television that you tune in for,” Parker told AP. “I want to know how to cook dinner fast if we're a family of four.”

Last month during a radio interview with “Dish Nation,” the 44-year-old actress also explained how Kodjoe’s participation will help serve male viewers who tune into daytime television.

“The thing is it’s kind of new with the male, female perspective. And we’re very different. He’s representing the underrepresented demographic,” Parker said.

Kodjoe agreed: “Because daytime is all about women, and we [men] have sort of been left out the picture," he said. "So I’m bringing us back.”

Check out the first episode of “The Boris and Nicole Show” in the clip above.



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