"Bosch" Is Back and Better Than Ever

TV Review - Jackie K Cooper
"Bosch/Season 2" (Amazon Prime)

Last year we got our first taste of the TV series "Bosch" which is based on Michael Connelly's books featuring an LA Detective named Harry Bosch. Bosch has been a mainstay of Connelly novels for some time now and helps make these stories best sellers. Bosch's attraction is his ability to be smart, brave, emotional and aggravating all at the same time. Bosch does not suffer fools easily and Connelly capitalizes on this trait.

The first season contained ten episodes based on several Connelly books. It was presented on Amazon (Prime) so all ten could be watched at the pace the viewer wanted. Most people, myself included, binged right through them. They were so good and so watchable that I feared the second season would never live up to the brilliance of the first. But it did, and more.

Season 2 is now available on Amazon and it consists of another ten episodes. All of the regulars from Season 1 are back along with some additional actors who turn in some of their best work. Of specific note is Jeri Ryan who plays the widow of a Vegas money launderer. And in this role she is at her scheming and sexiest best.

Aside from the supporting cast the reason to watch every episode of "Bosch" and study them intently is Titus Welliver. This man has been around for years doing good solid work but he has never had the role that would thrust him into the star spotlight. He does now because he is perfectly cast as Bosch and his talent, charisma and star power carry the show. Somehow he manages to capture the character Connelly wrote on paper and bring him totally to life,

Bosch is a man who has faced hard knocks, and more than a couple of failed relationships. This imbues him with a melancholy that permeates every step he takes, every act he makes. It is also what makes him a good cop - he knows what it is to have tragedy and loss. Because of this Harry will do whatever it takes to follow his code of conduct in any situation.

This season Harry heads up an investigation into a murder, and while he is doing that he gets a chance to open a cold case of murder. Even with these investigations demanding more and more of his time, Harry still manages to protect his ex (Sarah Clarke) and their daughter (Madison Lintz) when they are placed in jeopardy. Maddie, especially, is his top priority and the one who holds his heart.

Ryan, Clarke and Lintz along with Steven Bauer, Lance Reddick and the always terrific Amy Aquino add to the wealth of talent on display. Each episode fascinates because of the complicated life Harry Bosch lives. Connelly created the man and Welliver brings the man to life. It is the perfect match of actor to role.

All ten episodes of "Bosch: Season 2" are waiting. It is time to start binge-ing.

Jackie K Cooper