'Bosch' Is Binge-Worthy Watchable

TV Review - Jackie K Cooper
"Bosch" (Amazon P{rime)

Some of us are late to the party when it comes to the TV series adaptation of some of Michael Connelly's books. Bosch Season 1, which has been available on Amazon Prime for some time now, is based on three of Connelly's Harry Bosch novels: CITY OF BONES, ECHO PARK and THE CONCRETE BLONDE. They are seamlessly woven into a collection of ten episodes that manage to capture the spirit and the sense of the books. And for those of us who love the "Harry Bosch" books this is saying a lot.

When I decided to binge-watch Bosch I did so with a sense of trepidation. Harry Bosch is a man of complex thoughts and emotions. Connelly has built him up over the years into a moody but mythical police detective. He is a man who plays by his own rules and goes through life with a mist of sorrow hovering about him.

Titus Welliver has the star-making role of Harry Bosch, and he plays it to perfection. He may not look or sound like your pre-TV image of Harry might have been, but he surely captures the essence of the character. He has the rugged swagger mixed with the soulful eyes. From this point on he will be the image of Harry Bosch whenever you read a new Bosch story.

Also good in the cast are Sarah Clarke as Harry's ex-wife Elinor and Madison Lintz as his daughter Maddie. The character of Maddie is the emotional core of the series. Harry's awkward attempts at parenting are in conflict with his prioritization of job over family. Watching his job win out time after time over Maddie's needs are agonizing to watch.

Bosch captures the feel of the city of Los Angeles and Harry's stilt standing house is perfectly lifted from the books. Add to this the jazz that constantly plays on his record player and on his car radio and you have the mood model for Harry's other world, a world that seeps over into his real one.

You can love Bosch even if you are not familiar with Connelly's books. It stands on its own merit. A knowledge of the books just makes it better. Connelly's hand is involved in the production of the show and it is evident in the look and feel of the series.

Some shows are perfect to be binge-watched and Bosch is a prime example. It isn't too late to set aside ten hours and go thru it from start to finish. Just head over to Amazon Prime and let it rip. You will soon be lost in the world of Harry Bosch.

Jackie K Cooper