Journalist On Bosnian Protests: 'History In The Making' (VIDEO)

Police and demonstrators are violently clashing in cities across Bosnia Herzegovina amidst protests against skyrocketing unemployment rates and political corruption.

The protests began in the city of Tuzla on Wednesday, when 600 individuals, many of whom are reportedly laid-off workers from state-owned companies, stormed the government building.

The violence has increased over the past week, spreading to the capital Sarajevo and smaller cities. On Friday, police used tear gas as protestors reportedly threw eggs and stones at a local government building. At least 90 people were injured in the clashes.

Marko Pavlovic, an Al Jazeera Balkans business correspondent, told HuffPostLive host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, "This is on a level that I witnessed in 2001 when I first reported from Serbia's revolution and what actually played out in front of the world cameras and world stage. However I'm not making any sort of comparison with that period."

Other protestors have suggested this is the start of the "Bosnian Spring."

Pavlovic added, "Ten meters from where I'm sitting is actually the main building where three co-presidents of Bosnia Herzegovina are sitting and it's in flames.... None of us expected it to erupt this much."

"It's truly astounding to watch, because without being over the top, I think there's a certain history in the making right now."

Watch the full conversation below:



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