Employee Leaves 'I Quit' Note Disguised As Mac Alert (PHOTO)

Boss Finds Awesome 'I Quit' Note Copying Mac Alert (PHOTO)

Whether leaving on good terms or bad, people have used all kinds of techie ways to share the news that they're quitting, from posting YouTube videos declaring their departure, to Tweeting out their leave on Twitter.

This staffer created a notice designed to look like a Mac alert, then tweaked the wording to make it more situation specific.

See it below:

The wording reads:

The designer you treat like s--t has quit unexpectedly.

Your company and other employees are not affected.

Click Renegotiate to discuss terms for new contract. Click HR to find out how badly you f--ked up.

The note was apparently found on "the company computer after he left," writes TheHighDefinite.

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