Boss Fires Herself To Save Employees

When Lola Gonzalez, owner of Florida-based Accurate Background Check, realized that she had to begin layoffs to keep her company afloat, she couldn't bear to let go of anyone.

So she fired herself instead.

"My employees are the most trusted," Gonzalez said. "They've been here for years. They've been loyal. They've been dedicated. It was just the right thing to do in my opinion."

Gonzalez gained national attention when she left her company and asked her staff to run it in her stead while she took on a new, lower-paying job as a social worker. She has found a surprise passion for her new role, and calls the job "a blessing," according to CBS News' Early Show on Saturday Morning:

"As a facilitator, my job is to put myself in these communities, bring in the resources and leave in about two years. And then the community center should be able to run by its own. We don't have public transportation, so there's a lot of things I'm working on. But my job is to put myself out of business."