Boston Bombing Survivor Donates High-Tech Blade Feet To 5-Year-Old Amputee

"It was important to me to be able to give back in that way and help other people get what I have.”

A young amputee is bouncing back with the help of a woman who can relate to his injuries. 

Jude Hill lost his legs in a lawn mowing accident two years ago, according to NBC Chicago. Boston bombing survivor and amputee Heather Abbott’s foundation donated high-tech blade feet to the 5-year-old and this past Friday, the boy was fitted in his new gear. 

“Many amputees, their amputations happen in a more private way and the whole world doesn’t know about them so they aren’t able to get as much help,” Abbott said, according to CBS Chicago. “So it was important to me to be able to give back in that way and help other people get what I have.”

The boy received the two high-tech Blade Running Feet along with two running socket prosthetics at the University of Illinois Chicago Hospital. Abbott, whose foundation helps provide prostheses to those who have lost limbs, attended the big fitting and witnessed Jude run as both amputees wore their blades, CBS Chicago reported. 

The boy’s father, Greg Hill, said the new gear transformed his son. 

“He just took off,” Hill said according to NBC Chicago. “It’s rather indescribable ... to try to put words to how well he’s adapting.”

The father explained that Jude lost his legs after Hill backed up the lawn mower without realizing his son had been playing behind him. 

“Didn’t hear Jude, didn’t see him and saw Jude’s left foot spit out the cutting deck,” Hill said. 

While the 5-year-old sports lover had been fitted with prosthetic legs more than a year ago, NBC Chicago reports that these blades will allow him to run faster. 

David Rotter, the clinical director of prosthetics at Scheck & Siress, who made the sockets, explained to CBS Chicago that the boy will need adjustments to these in the future. 

“Jude’s running blades were designed for his weight class. I made the sockets. When he gets older, and bigger, he’ll need new ones,” he said.

And as Jude looks to life in the faster lane, Abbott said it’s exactly what the boy deserves. 

“Children should be able to run,” Abbott said, according to NBC Chicago. “It’s incredible to see [Jude] be able to do that.”



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