Watch A Firefighter Bust Through An Icy Lake To Save Trapped Dog

Maggie the dog is OK now.

People are applauding the bravery of a Boston firefighter who on Thursday saved the life of a dog that had fallen into an iced-over pond.

Passerby Emily Andrea Robertson used her smartphone to film the dramatic rescue of the dog, named Maggie.

“I almost didn’t walk the way I did on the pond but I’m glad I did!” Robertson wrote on Facebook. “I saw Maggie had broken through the ice and her owner, William was shouting for her. Ran over and took off my boots and prepared to go in if she went under (I know it’s not too deep over there because I’ve been wading there) but the ice broke pretty quickly underfoot so I decided to call 911.”

Boston Fire Department spokesman Steven MacDonald told the Boston Globe that the initial call indicated that a person had fallen into the water, and that it became clear when firefighters arrived that a dog was actually in danger. It’s unclear if the call MacDonald was referring to was the one made by Robertson.

Nonetheless, a firefighter decked out in a survival suit used a hook to break the ice surrounding Maggie and carried her to safety, Patch reports.

Robertson also posted some post-rescue images of Maggie. MacDonald told the Globe that the dog seemed “fine” after the ordeal.

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