16 Food Things Only A Bostonian Would Understand (PHOTOS)

Do you know the true meaning of a "frappe?"

Do you run on Dunkin'? Do you know the true meaning of a "frappe?" When you hear someone refer to "Legal's" do you know they're talking about a group of seafood restaurants? You must be from Boston, or somewhere "outside of Boston," as everyone says.

There are many things that only people who grew up in or around Boston will understand. We're not bad drivers -- you are. "The Globe" isn't the world -- it's our paper. There is only one sports rivalry, and if you're not a Sox fan, you're on the wrong side. When it comes to food, there are definitely certain truths only people from Boston will understand.

A "regular" coffee comes with cream and sugar.
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Say it with us: "Regular."
It's pronounced LobSTAH.
Alexandra Grablewski via Getty Images
Ya dummie.
A frappe is ice cream, milk and syrup.
Lew Robertson, Brand X Pictures via Getty Images
A milkshake is just milk and syrup. Don't even try to argue with us on this one.
We run on Dunkin'.
And that's "Dunkies" to you.
It's not challah if it's not from Cheryl Ann's.
Cheryl Ann's Bakery/Facebook
We ♥ you, Cheryl Ann.
We don't eat baked beans all the time.
Andrew Olney via Getty Images
Or ever.
J.P. Licks is the best place to go with your girlfriends.
J.P. Licks/Facebook
Nothing compares.
Manhattan Clam Chowder Is NOT Clam Chowder.
Paul Poplis via Getty Images
Don't even get us started.
And it's pronounced ChowDAH.
Heath Robbins via Getty Images
Ya chowdah head.
Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the country.
Union Oyster House/Facebook
It's also the oldest restaurant in Boston. It opened in 1826.
An extra large D&D iced coffee is the only acceptable beverage while shoveling snow.
Deal with it.
Anna's Taqueria is the only acceptable place to get a burrito.
Runners up are Felipe's and oh yeah, ANNA's.
Barbara Lynch is a badass.
Barbara Lynch Gruppo/Facebook
And all of her restaurants are amazing.
Fenway Franks are... just like every other frank.
Eric Kilby/Flickr
But the Sox are superior to every other baseball team.
Formaggio Kitchen is the illest cheese shop in North America.
Formaggio Kitchen/Facebook
And it has its own cheese cave.
Legal Sea Foods is to Boston as Walmart is to everywhere else.
Patrick Gage/Flickr
You can't escape it.
It's Mike's, Maria's or Modern for cannolis from the North End.
Don't you wish you were from Boston?

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