Boston Globe's Spoof 2016 Cover Imagining Trump Presidency Goes Viral Again

The fake front page is making waves again following the president's latest announcement about immigration.

A fake front page that the Boston Globe published in April 2016 to warn readers what a Donald Trump presidency could look like is going viral again following the president’s latest announcement on immigration.

People online pointed out how the spoof cover ― with its main headline “DEPORTATIONS TO BEGIN,” a second story warning of a trade war crashing the stock markets and another article in which Trump trashes the press as “scum” ― eerily predicted current events:

At the time, it accompanied an opinion piece which described Trump’s vision for the country “as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American.”

Trump on Monday night teased the deportations of “millions of illegal aliens” with these tweets:

Stock markets have stuttered in recent weeks over fears of Trump’s trade war with China and his walked-back threat to impose a 5% tariff on goods imported from Mexico.

Trump also renewed his regular attacks on the press over the weekend when he accused The New York Times of a  “virtual act of treason” for its story about American attacks on Russia’s power grid.