Boston Globe: CNN Critics Should 'Back Off'

CNN has been through some hard times lately. Now, though, the network is getting praise from the editorial page of the Boston Globe.

The paper told CNN's critics to "back off" and called the network "the best hope for a revival of traditional news values on cable" in an editorial published on Tuesday. In doing so, it bashed Fox News and MSNBC for what it described as their partisan leanings:

Its rivals, Fox and MSNBC, have chosen to preach to the converted, fueling a culture of outrage and denunciation. Their effects on American political dialogue have been widely noted, and widely condemned.

The paper also gave the thumbs-up to Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker, CNN's controversial choices to replace Campbell Brown at 8 P.M.

Noting that there have been many critics of that decision, the Globe said that the two would actually make a very good pair:

Another "Crossfire'' this won't be: Spitzer and Parker will probably be unpredictable and sometimes contrarian. They might even agree on some things -- an entirely welcome development. Throwing ideological chum to the partisan masses will always draw ratings, but it rarely leaves viewers better informed.