The Boston Globe Has The Last Mass Shooting Story You're Likely To Need

It's ready for the next massacre, and the one after that, and the one after that ...

They all play out the same way.

So much so that The Boston Globe went ahead and wrote its article for this school shooting ― and what seems to be an infinite number of other mass shootings to come ― in advance. 

It’s generic, yet exceedingly, tragically accurate. All we don’t know are “who, where, and how many.”

And it’s front page news: 

First, tragedy. The shooter, the gun, the cries of terrified children ― and the anguish of their parents ― will all be the same.

Then, a stream of “thoughts and prayers” from politicians. Some will try to shift the blame to mental illness, conveniently omitting that they’ve undermined mental health care, too.