Boston Globe Sent Manchester News Team Pizza To 'Keep Them Going'

"Why am I welling up over pizza?" said one Twitter user.

Monday’s bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester has put a local media outlet, the Manchester Evening News, in the spotlight as it covers the terrorist attack’s developments.

The Boston Globe is standing in solidarity with them, and sent reporters at the Manchester Evening News pizzas. The reporters, who have been tirelessly covering the tragedy, were extremely grateful for the show of support.

Globe Managing Editor Kathleen Kingsbury tweeted that the team is thinking of the Manchester reporters:

Others on Twitter have expressed their happiness over the good deed:


The gift of pizza is a particularly poignant when you remember that the Globe also covered a terrorist attack in their own backyard: the Boston Marathon bombings. Three people were killed when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev set two pressure cooker bombs to go off near the race’s finish line in 2013.

As for Monday’s attack, British police continue to investigate the source of the bombing ― Salman Abedi, a suicide bomber who blew himself up and took 22 lives with him ― and they don’t believe he acted alone. The official threat level in Britain has been raised to “critical.”

After horrors like this, sending one another pizzas may not seem like the most significant aid, but it does offer hope and encouragement. Sometimes, that’s all we can ask for. 



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