Boston Hockey Mom Walks Onto Ice, Breaks Up Fight During Youth Game

WATCH: Hockey Mom Takes Brawl Into Her Own Hands

Sports parents are infamous for getting involved in their kids' games -- so much so, that a recent national survey found many young athletes would rather parents not even watch their games. The kids say mom and dad are too distracting.

One unidentified hockey mom in Boston has taken the stereotype of fanatic parent to a whole new level. When a fight broke out during a youth Boston Raptors vs Tribe game, she walked right out onto the ice and reprimanded the refs and the players. In her defense, one of the refs was "just standing there" as the person who shot this video clip points out.

Regardless, the refs weren't pleased with mom's actions or her decidedly non-PC language. But as Yahoo!Sports notes, she got the job done -- the fight ended almost immediately after she got involved.

Whether this mother's son was embarrassed by her interference -- or grateful -- well, that remains to be seen.

Watch the video above then tell us in the comments below, was mom out of line?

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