Boston's Interfaith Clergy Send A YouTube Message To Storm-Battered City

It’s been a tough winter for Boston.

An incredible 101.8 inches of snow has fallen on the city so far this winter, CBS reports, shattering records and wreaking havoc on the public transportation system. It’s also been one of the coldest Februaries on record.

Rev. Nancy S Taylor, Senior Minister of Old South Church, told HuffPost that the weather was turning from "historic to dangerous and costly."

“Being caught outdoors on a platform in bitter weather and no train in sight. Every single homeowner is worried about what damage the ice and snow will leave behind. So many people are feeling so isolated: if you are elderly or frail or use a device for mobility, forget it. You’re stuck inside,” Taylor recounted in an email.

Tasked with uplifting the spirits of the weatherworn congregations, the city’s Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders decided to join forces.

In a YouTube video, the clergy members reminded Bostonians that they’re not alone -- and to offer friendship or “casseroles” to neighbors in need.

Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer, of Temple Israel of Boston, said that this was the first time Boston’s Interfaith clergy tried reaching out to the city through social media. He said the reception had been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“Homelessness is up, and this winter is taking such a toll on our communities. Hopefully the snow has passed,” Soffer told HuffPost in an email. “But whatever comes our way, Boston should know that its faith leaders and our communities are here, we are together, and we are committed to helping this city endure and thrive.”

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