Excited Boston Man Struggles To Comprehend Unfamiliar Fish

Just look at this f****n' thing! Ho-ly s**t!

Jesus, it's a f****n' big sea turtle.

No, it's a baby f*****n' whaeel, man! Holy s**t!

Whatever it is, Jay, it looks hurt. It looks hurt, Jay! Jay, that thing is hurt, bro!

Boston-area residents Michael Bergin and Jason "Jay" Foster encountered this foreign-looking animal in the Boston Harbor last week, and shared a video of the exciting find on Facebook.

(WARNING: The below video contains profanity. Lots of it.)

(For the record, it's a Sunfish, and you really, really, don't want to ride one.)

“I ain’t seen nothing like that in my entire life, bro. I ain’t even been to the aquarium,” Bergin told the Boston Globe on Wednesday after the video went viral. “When I see something like that, I’m amazed, bro. It’s like seeing a gorilla for the first time, man.”

Bergin added the fishermen ended up not "f****n hooking that thing" as they contemplated in the video, and instead called the Coast Guard to report the exciting find.

The original video has also spawned this delightful parody, set to an old advertisement for the New England Aquarium:

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