Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor ‘Completely Broken’ After Being Struck By Car

Adrianne Haslet said that she was "thrown into the air" after being hit while crossing the street.

A professional ballroom dancer who had to have part of her left leg amputated following the deadly Boston Marathon bombings is in the hospital after being struck by a car.

Adrianne Haslet shared a photo on Instagram showing herself lying in a hospital bed Sunday after being hit Saturday while crossing a street in Boston.

“Struck by a car on Commonwealth Avenue, while on a crosswalk,” the caption read. “Thrown into the air and landed, crushing the left side of my body. Yesterday. I’m completely broken. More surgery to come.”

Haslet was one of many bystanders who were wounded in the 2013 bombings, which killed three people and wounded at least 264 others.

Though her left leg was amputated below the knee, Haslet was determined to dance again ― and she did.

Just 200 days after the attack, Haslet danced the rumba with a prosthetic lower leg during the TED Talk of MIT Media Lab director Hugh Herr.

Haslet had met Herr, a double amputee who specializes in bionics, while recovering in the hospital after the bombing.

Soon after in 2016, Haslet joined 21 other survivors and competed in the annual race.

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