Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Photos Expected To Be Released Thursday

Images of two possible suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing circulated among agencies investigating the terror attack are expected to be released to the public Thursday, The Boston Globe reports.

The photographs, captured moments before the blast Monday that killed three people and left more than 180 wounded, show two individuals separately standing at each of the bombing sites, according to multiple reports.

A Fox News reporter who said he had seen the photos described them as "clear," adding that the images show both individuals carrying bags. He said authorities requested the photos not be released for fear of compromising the investigation.

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Images published on the front page of the New York Post and passed around Internet message boards were not confirmed by authorities and disparaged by other news outlets.

"Every hour we're closer," Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick told CNN on Wednesday. "And I say that because we've got the very best professionals at every level working this. And working it hard."

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Boston Marathon Bombings

Vague reports of major developments in the investigation Wednesday intesified to widely circulated misinformation that authorities had made an arrest in the case.

"We have not officially named anyone and we don't know where they're getting that information," an FBI spokeswoman told HuffPost Wednesday.

The conflicting reports sent a mass of journalists scurrying to the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Boston, where instead of catching a first glimpse of a suspect, the media found itself pushed back from the building as authorities addressed a bomb scare.

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney plan to attend an interfaith prayer service titled “Healing Our City,” scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Thursday at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.