Nike Boston Massacre T-Shirt On eBay For $150,000 (And People Have Bid That Much)

As predicted, Nike's "Boston Massacre" T-shirt, which the company pulled from shelves after last week's bombings, has become a collector's item.

Not only is one of these shirts currently on sale on eBay for $150,000, but people have already offered to pay that much for it. (Did we mention it's a second-hand shirt?) As eBay makes clear, there are very strict conditions under which one can retract a bid, meaning the multiple six-figure offers are likely serious.

The T-shirt, which Nike manufactured long before the April 15 Boston bombings to commemorate two series wins by the Yankees over the Red Sox, features the words "Boston Massacre" in blood-spattered capital letters.

The question is: Where would you ever wear this now?

UPDATE April 25, 5:50pm: A spokesman from eBay said the company had pulled the shirt from its website on Thursday for violating its offensive materials policy, the Associated Press reported.

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