Twitter Shreds Plans For A 'Straight Pride' Celebration In Boston

Chris Evans, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and even Axe products had a lot to say about a proposed heterosexual counterpart to the city's LGBTQ-inclusive parade.

An online group’s plans to organize a “straight” counterpart to Boston’s annual LGBTQ Pride Parade have drawn a blistering response on social media.

Members of the organization, which calls itself Super Happy Fun America, wrote on their website that they want to “celebrate being heterosexual” and are planning the event for August. Though specifics are thus far minimal, organizers hope to include both a parade and a “straight pride” flag-raising, according to the site.

“We have determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity,” an April 20 blog post on Super Happy Fun America’s site reads.

“For now, it is necessary to remind the city that they are legally obligated to treat straight people the same as people of other sexual orientations,” they added.

The group’s vice president, Mark Sahady, posted an image of the planned parade route on his Facebook page May 30, and said the tentative date for the parade was Aug. 31.

“It looks like the Boston Straight Pride Parade will happen,” wrote Sahady, identified by Massachusetts outlet MassLive as a member of the right-wing group Resist Marxism. “This is our chance to have a patriotic parade in Boston as we celebrate straight pride.”

The news caught the eye of a number of celebrities, many of whom offered tongue-in-cheek responses. Among them was Boston native Chris Evans, who joked that the parade’s organizers were “desperately trying to bury [their] own gay thoughts by being homophobic” in a Wednesday tweet.

Later on Wednesday, the “Avengers: Endgame” star ― whose brother, Scott Evans, is gay ― continued:

Other stars, politicians and media personalities felt similarly.

Among the more memorable responses was that of rock band Smash Mouth... well as Axe Body Spray, which chimed in after someone suggested the product sponsor a float for the parade.

It isn’t the first time a “straight pride” celebration has been suggested, of course, and whether the event will materialize in the end remains to be seen.

Though Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has not commented publicly on the news, he attended his city’s June 1 rainbow flag raising ceremony, and encouraged residents to attend the annual LGBTQ Pride Parade, scheduled for June 8.

Meanwhile, city officials told MassLive that Super Happy Fun America had indeed been in contact with the city to inquire about hosting the parade, but said the necessary permits had not yet been issued.

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