Boston Suspects' Uncle Wants To 'Kneel In Front' Of Victims' Families For Forgiveness

Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon blasts, delivered an impassioned interview outside his home in Montgomery Village, Md. on Friday.

During his interview, in which he called Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, two brothers from from a Russian region near Chechnya, "losers," Tsarni also focused on the theme of forgiveness.

What he said at the end of the interview hushed the pool of reporters rifling off questions about the brothers' backgrounds.

"With the families of -- with, with those who suffered -- we're sharing with them their grief. I'm ready to just meet with them. I'm ready to just bend in front of them, to kneel in front of them seeking their forgiveness."

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reportedly killed in a gun battle Thursday night. The two suspects killed an MIT police officer and involved authorities in a car chase and overnight firefight, according to the Associated Press.

Tsarni also implored his nephew, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who was still being pursued by the police as of Friday afternoon, to give up and ask to be forgiven.

“If you’re alive, turn yourself in!” he said. “And ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured and from those who [survived], ask for forgiveness from these people. We’re not requiring forgiveness in this family. He put a shame on our family, Tsarni family."

The suspects' uncle went on to express his love for America.

"I respect this country, I love this country -- this country, which gives chance to everybody else to be treated as a human being."

Following the tragedy, Boston has received an outpouring of support. See how you can help survivors here.



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