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Boston Yeti Roams Snowy Streets, Assures People 'I'm A Vegan'


Leave it to a legendary creature to take New Englanders' minds off the bad weather and Deflategate.

Thanks, Boston Yeti.

A tall someone dressed in a Sasquatch-like costume hit the streets around Boston Monday during the early hours of a snowstorm, the Boston Globe and other outlets reported.

Naturally, the Yeti has its very own Twitter account, with nearly 6,000 followers.

As sightings and reports of the beast multiplied, many messaged their approval to Boston Yeti -- perhaps relieved that this urban abominable snowman wouldn't eat them.

"I'm a vegan," the Yeti told Boston Magazine, explaining that he or she is just "Trying to make as many people smile as possible."

Check out some of Boston Yeti's adventures below.


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