Police Terrorize 13-Year-Old Girl In Botched Pot Bust, Family Says

A Spring Valley, New York, family was mistakenly displaced from their house early Thursday morning after a troop of armed officers looking for drugs reportedly entered their house, pointed a gun at their 13-year-old daughter, threatened to shoot their dog, and then forced them to wait outside while they scoured the house.

"They pulled me outside in the freezing cold in my underwear, manhandle my wife, point a gun at my daughter and they won't even tell me what they are doing in my house," David McKay, father of the family, told The Journal News. "It was terrifying and humiliating beyond belief."

The Journal News reports that McKay was later forced to bring his daughter to a local hospital after she suffered an asthma attack during the tense incident.

According to Reason, the botched drug bust "was part of a broad joint federal/local drug sweep for pot involving more than 200 cops from at least 13 different government agencies."

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