Botox and Birthday Parties

Today I was frustrated. This week had some ups and downs. Some good things happened, some unpleasant things happened. But, for whatever reason, I couldn’t shake the unpleasant ones today.

So, I decided to take a walk. It was a gorgeous day, but the black clouds of one incident kept swirling around me. At one point I came upon a sweet little kid. He looked right up at me with his big dark eyes and very directly said, “I’m having a party. You want to come?”

Boy, my frustration melted right away. This kid was having a party and wanted me to feel the love and we’d never even laid eyes on each other. Turns out his name is Austen and today he is six.

So, I’m going to step outside the movie business and my frustrations and all of it for a moment and celebrate Austen. I’m glad to be reminded of that spirit-- that spirit of wonder and openness and friendliness just for the sake of friendliness… that spirit I want to have in my work… I’m having a party. You want to come?