Kerry Campbell, 'Botox Mom,' Apologizes, But Is The Entire Thing A Hoax?

"Botox Mom" Kerry Campbell has supposedly apologized for using the substance on her eight-year-old daughter Britney, while some news sources claim that Campbell fabricated the story.

Through a "close relative," Kerry told The Sun (the outlet that broke the original story), "I cannot put into words the remorse I feel. I am going to seek therapy for my obsession with looks so I will no longer push my insecurities about appearance on to her....I honestly felt I was helping her. I regret doing it and remain committed to being a good mother and being reunited with my daughter. I never wanted to harm Britney in any way and I thought I was helping her. What has happened is devastating and I realize now that I was wrong."

Miriam Lacey of BellaSugar cried foul back in March, writing:

First of all, this sensational story is from The Sun, which is unapologetically a tabloid. Then, there's scarce evidence that the little girl and mother exist as they're presented in the story. The pair, who are called Kerry and Britney Campbell in the piece, have almost no online footprint. The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has no record of a Kerry Campbell, and there isn't anyone with a similar name licensed in the San Francisco area. Even a search of Yelp and Facebook didn't turn up anything. And if Britney is competing in Bay Area beauty pageants, she should probably show up somewhere on their websites, but I checked several and found nothing.

An anonymous insider told, "It's beginning to look like Kerry's claims about giving her daughter Botox injections looks like a hoax, and that Kerry is making the entire thing up for publicity. Kerry is obsessed with reality television, and wants to become famous. Child Protective Services are conducting an investigation about the Botox claims, and at this point, there is absolutely no evidence that Kerry injected Britney with Botox."

However, the folks at the San Francisco Chronicle (who also couldn't track down the Campbells, like BellaSugar), reported on Monday that San Francisco Human Services Director Trent Rhorer's work is done. Rhorer remarked to the newspaper, "we have completed our investigation, and we are no longer involved in the case."

Truth be told, we wouldn't mind if it were all a hoax. We promise.

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