Bottom Line: CEO Trump Is Best for Black USA, Inc.

Black is the color green for Americans. Green is hope. Black is profit and surplus. Green is jobs and growth. Green is life and black matters. In the world of finance and real life, black and green are gold and good. Business people and workers are united that America must operate in the black. Whether red Republicans, blue Democrats or purple Independents, all elements expect security. National and financial security is bolstered when America operates in the black with firm immigration policies that support American businesses and American workers first. Common sense Americans desire the United States to lead the world in development, science, healthcare, manufacturing, service, military, education, energy independence, environmental and technological innovation. The wisest citizens also desire America to have a strong moral foundation for longevity and the right Commander-In-Chief. In ancient times, still relevant today, The Art of War-The Ultimate Guide to Victory in Battle, Business and Life, Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, "The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage and strictness."

Small and large businesses across America seek a strong, experienced CEO to run USA, INC. The strategic mission is to lead America into the black, not into the abyss. Turn around the U.S. economy and secondary public education, create more good paying jobs, especially for the youth and disenfranchised, encourage entrepreneurism and re-build our infrastructure. Style is less offensive than the prospect of racking up more debt and ignoring untold danger. Let's be realistic and blunt, America needs a successful business person to run the country, like a successful company. The bottom line is: the only candidate in the presidential race that fits that description is successful developer, CEO Trump-the GOP frontrunner. It's why he is attracting new voters and the business community. It speaks volumes that respected voices such as Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Chris Christie and Mayor Rudy Giuliani all choose CEO Trump to lead America during this time of uncertainty and opportunity. In the Chinese language, the same character that means "challenge" also translates into "opportunity."

Trillion here, Trillion there, someday we will be talking about real money! Wow, someday is here, we Americans owe Trillions and Trillions of green dollars in real money! Capital T and that rhymes with G. Dear God, please help America get out of Trouble! America needs to hire a "Black(minded) President" who knows how to lead our economy into the black again. According to the last year America had a surplus was 1969 with President Johnson of $3 Billion and before that with President Eisenhower, the USA made $3 Billion in 1957 and $4 Billion in 1956. I remember my Mom's 1956 Pink Cadillac convertible and my Aunt Mary's 1957 Turquoise Chevy Bel-Air. Both made 100% in Detroit! Those were the good times and those are the happy days ahead if America elects a CEO with the mentality and expertise to drive revenues (pun intended) and operate in the black.

The Bold Brand USA

That means tougher and better trade deals, attracting tourists and businesses to America. That does NOT mean shutting down the U.S. Department of Commerce, as suggested by one GOP candidate who obviously does not understand business, trade or commerce. What needs to happen is to remodel, refocus funding the U.S. Department of Commerce to be a well-oiled engine (profit-share oil revenues from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States) fired up to drive revenues to American businesses. The U.S. Commercial Services worldwide must be properly funded and operated as "profit centers" by overseas revenues they generate into USA, INC. Serving as advisor to 7 U.S. Secretaries of Commerce of both parties and for decades working with the talented U.S. Commercial Services teams, I can passionately attest to this proposed plan of action succeeding. It will attract more inbound tourism, generating money from other countries throughout all fifty U.S. states and territories.

CEO Trump is the only candidate from the tourism industry and employing thousands of American hospitality workers. Even if some labor is from overseas, they fulfill the job needed of languages and skills to serve tourists coming from countries all over the world. By the way, international visitors outspend American travelers by a significant margin. The Chinese have an amazing 60% cash savings and they love to shop. The Germans stay 3 or 4 weeks visiting America's National Parks and lesser known towns helping the local economies in out of the way places. One of the best ways to reduce our trade in-balance with any nation is through inbound Visit USA tourism by promoting the bold Brand, USA.

As an aside, since 1977 AmericanTours International (ATI) has focused on the national objective of reducing America's trade deficit and improving global relations. ATI has brought more than 20 million international travelers to the United States from 70 countries, generating $100 Billion into the U.S. economy. ATI in effect has sold the equivalent of 10 million small-size automobiles, 100% Made in U.S.A. ATI created unique "Drive America" programs for overseas visitors to travel by American cars on byways including famous Route 66 and Pacific Coast Highway 1. Some ATI tourists also buy U.S. vehicles, shipping them back to Europe or Asia.

Bold Commander-In-Chief Negotiator Need Apply

The primary skill needed to be CEO of a successful company or country is to be an exceptional "negotiator." Everything in politics, business and life is "negotiation." There is always need to negotiate what is in America's best interest. "Unpredictability" gives the negotiator an enormous advantage to make the best deal, maintain control and ensure strong security. Sun Tzu said: "O divine art of subtlety and secrecy." When you buy a car, if the dealer believes or is not sure that you will walk away, you get a better deal.

CEO Trump is the candidate with the history of creating vast wealth and the life experience of being "negotiator exemplar". Notably, CEO Trump is the only candidate who has had to make a payroll every two weeks without taxpayer money. Refreshing and inspiring! CEO Trump is the candidate who knows how to make "USA INC." profitable. He is not a predictable or controllable career politician. Sun Tzu said, "All men can see the tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved." This highlights why the political establishment is scared, for their careers. In my business view, there is nothing to fear as CEO Trump is first and foremost a business person, which means he is practical, prudent and patient. That's how you make good deals. And he is a deal maker.

Play Fair and Win, The American Way

Watching the American primary process of selecting delegates for choosing nominees to be President, illustrates it's all about "negotiation" and "networking." Relationships matter. Some would say it is manipulating the system which opens the door to corruption. It is gravely problematic if it undermines the will of the people who vote. Arguably, in the long run it is risky business for America to thwart "We the people." When party leaders alongside media anoint who they pick to win and then influence the masses with propaganda, it starts to look more like a Politburo way of choosing political leaders. Not the American way.

Interesting to consider why some foreign governments are already gunning for CEO Trump. America is a sovereign nation. It is short-sighted for foreign state-owned media apparatus' to attack an American "candidate" for President. Foreign leaders globally are abundantly and aggressively clear that any uninvited interference from America in their internal affairs is not welcome. Why is America media perpetuating outside interloping in our politics? America's tried and true philosophy is "united we stand, divided we fall." In other words, we can internally criticize each other, but like family, defend fellow Americans.

America Matters, For All Colors to Shine

As a business person, I submit it is process of elimination time. CEO Trump is the candidate from either party in the race who has the expertise to negotiate and drive dynamic entrepreneurial economic development. That is how Ferguson, Baltimore, Harlem, Detroit, Chicago, South Central Los Angeles and Richmond, California will make "Black Lives Matter." The future of "Black America" is more than any one group or a buzz word to pander for votes in the struggling minority communities. It is past-due time for the "dream" to become the most successful reality show of this decade. No more talk, just relentless action to rebuild the heart and soul of America. Opportunity for all colors. On one of my police ride-a-longs in the tough neighborhood I grew up in, it was disturbing to learn that more taxpayer money was invested to build a fancy jail to house gang members than was spent for improving the middle and high schools to prevent kids from joining gangs and ending up incarcerated or dead.

Black America Is Beautiful

As The Good Book states, "Nigra sum sed formosa." America's Lady Liberty is like the sun-drenched shepherdess in Song of Songs. Black accentuates beauty, grace, hard work and wisdom. One of America's greatest shepherdess' and songstress' was Marian Anderson who passed away on April 8, 1993. It is notable to reflect on her American journey. Seventy-seven years ago, on April 9, 1939, after being denied access to Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. by DAR-Daughters of the American Revolution, God opened a much bigger door for her to affect the future of America. Marian Anderson sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee" on the steps of Lincoln Memorial facing the Washington Mall and 75,000 Americans. She was given less than one minute to change years of history and she did. By beseeching God with her heart and lungs, amazing grace continued to flow to America. Marian Anderson brought tears proclaiming, "You lose a lot of time, hating people."

Black commitment fulfills the Divine desire of The Good Shepherd to help His flocks and all of America's kids to be safe and prosperous. Black makes and keeps America great. Black equals opportunity in America and equal opportunity includes black. Every American needs to learn to budget in the black and to discern who is the best leader to help America thrive in the black, helping communities of all colors and cultures to stand and succeed. In spite of the fact that for most African-Americans "R" next to a candidate's name is the "scarlet letter," CEO Trump has the necessary business background, resources and resolve to positively transform the financial landscape in America's inner cities from barren to bountiful.

The dual meaning and diverse mentality of the word black is an artful mixture of tones and security affecting humanity. Our Creator's balance of colors with our free-will philosophies is the intrinsic blend of fabric holding the tightly woven United States tapestry together. America was created to be a beautiful and sacred mosaic with the gifts of God's grace to attain the Promised Land for all Americans, here and now, and leading to the real Promised Land eternally. Remember and be inspired by the poignant Gospel hymn lyrics sung beautifully by Marian Anderson, "Let us break bread together on our knees, Kyrie eleison."

Brothers and Sisters, Alleluia, Amen.