Boulder Narrowly Misses Car During Taiwan Landslide (VIDEO)

Go ahead and file this one under "close calls."

As a white sedan was making its way down a road in Taiwan during a rainstorm Saturday, a shower of mud and rock caused by a landslide from a nearby mountain pushed the car out of the way of a massive boulder, which teetered for a terrifying moment next to the car before coming to a rest.

If the car hadn't been knocked off its path by the landslide, the huge boulder would probably have crushed it.

Click the video above to watch.

The incident occurred in northern Taiwan, on Beining Road, which leads from the Zhongzheng District of Keelung City to New Taipei City's Ruifang District, according to The Taipei Times. A nearby tropical storm caused heavy rains in Taiwan over the weekend, which likely loosened the soil on the mountainside seen in the video.

Landslide warnings were in effect during the storm, according to the China Post, and a landslide in the southern part of the country caused a train to crash as it entered a tunnel, injuring 17 people, China's state-run Central News Agency reported.

Tropical Storm Kong-Rey

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