Boulder Colorado Makes GQ's List Of 40 Worst-Dressed Cities In America

'A Worst-Dressed City That Looks Best Naked'

Maybe it was the naked pumpkin run that tipped them off. Matching (the occasional) tube sock with a pumpkin always seems to clash. Or perhaps it's the ubiquitous skin-tight lycra on every biker in sight. Either way, it seems fashion authority GQ finally figured out how to put 2 and 2 together.

In its latest style section, GQ writers have compiled "a deeply scientific, irrefutable poll" concluding that Boulder, Colorado, is one of America's 40 worst-dressed cities.

Writers base their ranking on three major clothing trends. The Peoples Republic of Boulder is dominated by: "1) anything made by North Face 2) anything made by Patagonia 3) fanny packs." The city was also knocked for "obnoxiously flaunting its 'fittest-place-in-the-country' awards."

Colorado has long sheltered the fashion fickle. While most cities seem to wear the title as a scarlet letter, Colorado largely embraces it. A USA Today article many years ago rated Durango, Colorado, the "least fashion conscious" in the nation. Durango residents now wear the badge proudly, celebrating it annually in the Snowdown winter festival.

Citizens of Colorado: hoist those fanny packs, raise your heads, and keep fighting the good fight.

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