Boulder Flooding Map: Weather Warnings, Road Conditions, Shelter Information

For three days a flood of historic proportions has been slamming the state of Colorado. One of the most devastated communities is Boulder County where the relentless rush of water has resulted in two of Colorado's four confirmed deaths, 80 more people unaccounted for and multiple homes damaged or destroyed.

Floodwaters have inundated parts of Boulder, Jamestown, Longmont, Lyons and Nederland for days and although the worst of the rain appears to have passed, Flood Warnings and Flash Flood Watches still remain in effect in parts of Boulder County.

For the latest weather forecasts, road closures and traffic, the latest flood advisories, near-by shelters and other emergency information check out this Google crisis map for the Boulder area:

For total rainfall in affected areas, also check out The Denver Post's flood map.

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Colorado's Historic Flooding

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