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Boulder Food Rescue Feeds Hungry With Big-Hearted Efforts

Boulder Food Rescue Feeds Hungry Through Big-Hearted Efforts

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Hana Dansky is someone who simply loves to give. That’s why when she researched the hunger problem in her Colorado community, she decided to do something about it. With a few friends, she built Boulder Food Rescue, a nonprofit that aims to cut down on food waste and feed hungry people.

“There’s enough food going to waste here in our county to feed every hungry person in this county simply off of food waste,” Dansky said. “We rescue food that would otherwise go to waste and we transport it directly to agencies serving homeless and low-income people in our community.”

The food research redistribution works in an efficient and eco-friendly way. Volunteers go to grocery stores, attach a trailer to their bike, take food to recipient organizations and then bike the trailer back to Boulder Food Rescue headquarters.

“Food gets thrown away blocks from where people need it, so we use bikes because we want to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible,” she explained.

With 150 active volunteers, Boulder Food Rescue makes 15 pickups per day, seven days a week. Dansky estimates that the nonprofit serves over 5,000 individuals in Boulder, and their great efforts have inspired people to start food rescues in other cities, too. “I just want to give all the time and smile and laugh,” Dansky added. “And try to bring a little bit more joy into the world.”

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