Luke Chrisco, Boulder's Porta-Potty Peeper, Prompts Yoga Festival To Upgrade Portable Toilet (VIDEO)

At last year's Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Luke Chrisco hid inside the tanks of portable toilets to spy on unsuspecting women going to the bathroom. When he was discovered, he was seen fleeing with cuts on his back and legs while covered in feces. Not exactly a great sight to reach enlightenment with.

Well, Boulder yogis can relax again when they use the portable toilets at this year's Hanuman Festival because festival organizer's have increased security and -- more importantly -- upgraded the model of toilet that they will use which prevents an incident like last year's.

The Daily Camera reports that the fest has ordered Liberty Waste Management's "presidential VIP" model of portable toilet that prevents people from hiding in the toilet's tank. "Structurally, it's impossible," Marsha Austin, a Hanuman Festival spokeswoman told The Daily Camera.

And it's not just new toilets that keeps the yoga festival safer this year -- Chrisco himself remains at a state mental hospital where he is currently undergoing mental competency evaluations, Westword reports.

At the time of his arrest in 2011, Chrisco explained his desire to peep at the yoga fest during a phone interview with The Daily Camera:

"I ended up at this yoga fest and I saw all these hot girls and I was like, 'I can't take this anymore, so many hot girls,'" Chrisco said. "I saw the Porta-Potties, and I said, 'I bet I could fit in this. I'm not one of those rapist guys ... It was inappropriate, and it was an unfortunate thing I went down there. It's the opposite of what I want to do with my life, which is make women feel like goddesses. In retrospect, it was a very irresponsible thing to do."

Days after Chrisco's arrest, he told police that the Boulder yoga fest peeping incident was not his first time. He admitted he also watched women through peepholes that he made in Boulder-area business bathrooms. 9News reported that police believe Chrisco watched women at locations all over Boulder including the Department of Motor Vehicles, an area Target, Naropa University, area restaurants and CU-Boulder.

Back in 2011 when news of the peeping scandal broke, Tim McGraw, CU-Boulder Police spokesperson, said that the police estimate that the number of victims could have been in the hundreds on campus. However, if any peeping took place during the Spring or Fall semesters, when the student population is significantly larger, the number of victims could have been in the thousands.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to Naropa University as The Naropa Institute.

WATCH: Luke Chrisco's infamous porty-potty peeping incident immortalized by Next Media Animation and an interview with Chrisco after his arrest [via KDVR]