It's All Fun And Games Until A Bounce House Flies Into A Power Line

Luckily, no children were hurt.

A bounce house crashed into a power line after it was swept up into the sky from a birthday party in western New York.

Fortunately, no children were in the inflatable attraction when it became unhinged on Saturday, WABC reports.

"Oh my god, the bounce house," a lady is heard screaming in video shared on Twitter by the Niagara County Fire Wire.

Sparks fly when the bounce house collides with the electrical tower, the footage shows.

"Ohhhh, shit!" she exclaims on impact.

A professional crew later removed the giant deflated toy from the tower, according to WABC.

A common summer attraction, bounce houses have been known to sometimes turn dangerous. In 2014, two boys were seriously injured when a bounce house blew away in South Glens Falls, New York.

A bounce house sits in an electrical tower.
A bounce house sits in an electrical tower.

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