Bounty Hunters And Fugitive Die In Fierce Car Dealer Gunfight

About 20 shots in six seconds turned an apprehension into a bloodbath.

They had their man ― until all hell broke loose.

Two bounty hunters, along with the fugitive they had found, died during a shootout Tuesday at a Greenville, Texas, car dealership, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Officials said the suspect drew his gun from his waist band when confronted by the two men, the paper noted. He dropped the gun on a desk but was able to retrieve it and fire at the bounty hunters.

The bounty hunters shot back in an exchange of gunfire that lasted about six seconds and 20 shots, according to the Morning News. When it was over, Fidel Garcia Jr., 54, and Gabriel Bernal, 33, were dead. So was the suspect, Ramon Hutchinson, 49. 

Please note that footage of the encounter is intense:

According to CBS Dallas, the bounty hunters were dispatched from Corpus Christi to find Hutchinson, wanted on drug and police-assault charges in Minnesota. Authorities suspected Hutchinson was hiding in Greenville because he had a girlfriend there, so the bounty hunters tracked a car they thought belonged to her.

It turned out that Hutchinson’s girlfriend was going to trade the car in at a local Nissan dealer, the station said. Garcia and Bernal waited hours for Hutchinson to arrive on Tuesday evening. When Hutchinson got there and sat in an office, the bounty hunters made their fatal move.

Mr. Garcia felt the defendant would ultimately appear at that dealership,” Stew Peters, a bail investigator in Minnesota who previously had contact with the bounty hunter, told Associated Press. “Unfortunately Mr. Hutchinson was more prepared for a gunfight.”