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When Adults Make Cough Syrup, It Has Bourbon In It

One of the many perks to getting older. Bottoms up!

Getting sick is the worst. Luckily, when a terrible cough has gotten you, there’s this bourbon cough syrup to help all you adults out there get through the night. The cough syrup (which is not a doctor-endorsed product, but rather a homemade remedy) is made with four simple ingredients ― lemon juice, honey, bourbon and water ― and it’s just the trick when you’ve got a wicked cough.

It’s no secret that honey soothes the throat when a cough has gotten the better of you. Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C, so naturally a wise choice when you’ve got a cold. And bourbon, well, that’s just good for your spirits. (Bonus that it might help lull you to sleep when a cold has you up during the night.)

Watch the video above to see how to make a glass of this adult cough syrup. And for the written recipe, head on over to The Kitchn.

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