Bourbon vs. Whiskey: How To Know What's What (INFOGRAPHIC)

A final answer for the age-old question.

We have probably established that we love whiskey already. While we agree with people who assert that there is no "whiskey season," since they are all really the right season for this spirit, as the weather cools and the sweaters come out, we're more inclined to cozy up to a glass than ever. Since we'll all be choosing a whiskey to acquaint ourselves with soon, let's answer once and for all, the question we get asked most frequently -- when it comes to bourbon vs. whiskey vs. whisky, what's the difference?

Allow this Maker's Mark infographic to shed some light on this age-old question.

bourbon vs whiskey

That helps, right? Now, let's decide on a cocktail and call it a day. Happy whiskey season!

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