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Make This Bourbon Waffle Cake With Candied Bacon Because You're A Breakfast Hero

maple bourbon canva
Photo credit: F&B Department

The line between breakfast and dessert is a thin one. This Bourbon Waffle Cake crosses that line unapologetically. It is a breakfast-dessert hybrid and it is proud to be so.

As you can see, this waffle is no ordinary waffle. Bourbon whipped cream is sandwiched between three waffle-cakes, which boast cinnamon, sugar and even more bourbon. It's all topped off with maple syrup and candied bacon praline.

Clearly, this culinary masterpiece combines breakfast and dessert's best qualities in one (recall: bacon, waffles, whipped cream). Become the breakfast hero you've always dreamed of being, and make this as soon as possible. Get the full recipe from F and B Department here.

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