Bourdain Calls Guy Fieri's Newest Restaurant A 'Terror-Dome' (VIDEO)

Guy Fieri just opened a monstrous 600-seat restaurant in Times Square, much to the morbid fascination of the New York food media. It can be an easy target to make fun of so it's really no surprise that Bourdain has some harsh words for the restaurant, including referring to it as a "terror-dome."

On the Opie and Anthony radio show on SiriusXM, Bourdain blames Fieri for single-handedly turning the neighborhood into the "Ed Hardy district." Bourdain also thinks the prices are ridiculous, given that Fieri travels around the country eating cheap food and then charges $18 for a hamburger and $12 for fries.

"That guy set back spelling two decades," Bourdain muses.


[via Eater]