Bow Down Before This Toddler Who Dressed As Maxine Waters For Halloween

Three-year-old Arya dominated the costume game.

A toddler in California dominated the Halloween game with her Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) costume.

Three-year-old Arya from Oakland transformed into a mini Waters with the help of her Aunt Sareena.

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“It is kind of my thing to choose and make a costume for her,” Sareena told HuffPost. “I thought about who had a great year and who she could be. Auntie Maxine popped up! She’s had so many good moments and highlights this year. I wanted her to be another amazing woman who made us proud to be us.”

Last year, Arya dressed up as a mini Beyoncé à la “Formation” with a “Seat at the Table”-era Solange.

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A post shared by Sareena 😊 (@sareena428) on

Sareena thinks Waters is a great role model for young girls. “She speaks her mind without the fear of being stereotypically labeled as aggressive or emotional,” she explained. “She is intelligent and graceful. She can hold her own and stand up for what is right in a room full of opposition without breaking a sweat.”

On Tuesday, Sareena posted a series of photos of Arya in her Maxine get-up, complete with a “Reclaiming My Candy” bucket for trick-or-treating. The photos were quickly re-posted by the Women’s March organizers, The Root and more.

The self-described “doting aunt” told HuffPost she’s been happy to see such a positive response.

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A post shared by Sareena 😊 (@sareena428) on

“People are sharing her picture and posting this really encouraging words. Calling her a sheroe!” Sareena said. “I have had people with depression message me about how she has cheered them up. It’s awesome. I’m so happy she is bringing her positive energy to people.”

Sareena added that she’s thankful to Arya’s parents for letting her bond with their daughter through their Halloween tradition. She hopes others can be inspired by the photos.

“Besides our creativity and transformation fun, I hope they see a beautiful little person with a great personality like I do,” she said. “A strong little lady who is delivering black girl magic, joy, and having fun while making a statement.”