You are a spoiler and your campaign is alienating the Clinton vote. Bow to the woman, and take the vice presidency.
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Barack Obama: Bow to the woman, and take the vice presidency. Let our country heal. You will run in eight years and be unstoppable as a visionary world leader. You must pass through this filter first though: bow to the woman.

Otherwise it will be about your voting record and you do not want to live through that punishment, especially if you are innocent. Premiere Hillary represents the soul of the Democratic Party: the women who support her, Latinas, Latinos, 30 percent of the black voters, the blue collar worker, male and female, as just proven in Ohio, and the Baby Boomers...quit bitching and moaning and whining now! Be a man and take vice, bow to the woman who is the last vestige of the New Deal which represents universal health care. You can't win without the votes of the people who support Clinton. You do not have the working class vote; you do not have the majority on your side even with independents. The states you win are not swing states or even Democratic states. You are a spoiler and your campaign is alienating the Clinton vote. Many of Clinton's backers are turned off due to the shrillness of the attacks your campaign has let loose on your opponent.

You can't fight back dirtier than she can -- it will bury your message of hope and change. It obscures the message of the people in this party!

The people's message is: universal health care and no less, a raise in the minimum wage, green collar jobs, break energy dependence...(Barack supports nuclear energy companies instead). The women who hold up this party and are its majority want equal rights for the females that work for a living. Equality and no less. Attacking the female candidate as a monster will not work for you. Your strident leftist advisors are off the mark. The people are centrist, especially during a war.

Join or lose!!!! It will take both of you to end this war: the one who was wrong and the one who was right: the people want an end to war above all else! The Democratic Party is going to faction itself to death and lose to another old white man, Fuhrer McCain.

Lead us, Barack, show us how cooperation works, let's live the dream of Dr. King...blacks and whites, Christians and Jews, male and female left and right holding hands on the way to the Promised Land!!! Stop the Republicans by taking the vice presidency.

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