Bow Wow's Grammys Fail Was So Perfectly Awkward

And the Grammy for most awkward moment goes to ...

Sure, Adele seemed to have some issues with the sound, and the performances were kind of ... meh ... but for Bow Wow, Grammys night was just ruff.

The rapper/actor was in charge of kicking off the show on Monday, and he impressively nailed his line: "The 58th annual Grammy Awards are getting ready to start ... now!"

It was confident. It was smooth. And, unfortunately, it was about a minute and a half too early.

It's cool, though. Bow Wow kept it together as he bought some time and successfully kicked it to the show once again. And -- good news -- that time around, it was only about 58 seconds early.

Like a true professional, the rapper thanked CBS for the opportunity and commented on Instagram that he "powered through (even though time was off)." The actor also announced he'd be back at the Grammys next year. (Bringing hosts back who've been a part of fails is apparently a theme, thanks to Steve Harvey.)

So congrats, Bow Wow, on keeping your cool, the hosting gig next year and for hands-down winning the award for most awkward Grammys moment of the night.


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