Bowe Bergdahl's Lawyer Slams 'Defamer-In-Chief' Donald Trump And John McCain

Eugene Fidell said that disparaging comments against his client would make it a "challenge to have a fair trial."

Eugene Fidell, Bowe Bergdahl's attorney, joined HuffPost Live on Friday and fired back at Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain, both of whom have spoken out against his client.

Fidell told host Alyona Minkovski that Bergdahl would have a tough time defending against "defamer-in-chief" Trump, who called his client a "dirty, rotten traitor" at a New Hampshire town hall in August.

"Trump ... has repeatedly beaten up on my client, calling him a traitor in ways that are tremendously unfair and frankly bring no credit on Mr. Trump," Fidell said. "My client can't defend himself against Donald Trump, who can commandeer any microphone, any camera in North America. This is crazy and it's very unfair because he's facing criminal charges."

Fidell also added that McCain's comments about Bergdahl would make it a "challenge to have a fair trial." Fidell suggested that McCain's words could sway Gen. Robert B. Abrams, who will ultimately decide how the case is handled and has the power to vacate any possible conviction against Bergdahl, according to The New York Times. Earlier this year, McCain said Fidell's client was “clearly a deserter” and that push for a hearing if the sergeant was not adequately punished.

"Well, how are people supposed to think straight, who have official responsibilities for the administration of justice, when the head of the armed services committee is saying that?" he asked. "And the reason I stress this is because the [Senate] armed services committee is responsible for the confirmation of every military promotion above pay grade second lieutenant, as well as all the civilian officials who head the department of the Army."

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