Bowen Yang Sums Up His Feelings For Nikki Haley’s ‘SNL’ Cameo With Just 1 Word

Yang used Instagram to subtly shade Lorne Michaels and other “Saturday Night Live” staff for hosting the Republican presidential candidate.

One word was all Bowen Yang needed to slam “Saturday Night Live” for having Nikki Haley on this week’s episode.

On Monday, Yang turned to Instagram to subtly shame “SNL” creator Lorne Michael and other staffers for welcoming the Republican presidential hopeful to the set with open arms.

The comic, who uses the name @fayedunaway on Instagram, let followers read between the lines while posting a photo of what appeared to be the former U.N. ambassador’s plush greenroom setup.

The scene showed a bouquet of flowers and rows of fancy bottled water along with a card that read, “Amb. Haley ― Welcome to Studio 8H! From Lorne + Everyone at SNL.”

Shutting things down with a single snarky remark, Yang captioned the post “Everyone! :)” and turned his comment section off. He later removed the post.

On Monday, Bowen Yang posted and then deleted an Instagram about Nikki Haley's "SNL" appearance.
On Monday, Bowen Yang posted and then deleted an Instagram about Nikki Haley's "SNL" appearance.

While Haley has been trying to bill herself as a moderate Republican during her primary race against front-runner Donald Trump, her policies are anything but.

She’s boasted about being a “union buster,” said Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law isn’t strict enough and even suggested Texas could secede from the union over disputes at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In addition to trying to launder her right-wing reputation, Haley used her surprise “SNL” appearance to challenge Trump to a debate.

Though currently trailing behind the former president across polls, the former South Carolina governor says she’ll continue to fight for votes through Super Tuesday, on March 5, when 15 states and one U.S. territory hold primaries.

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