Bowen Yang's Hilarious New 'SNL' Character Is 'Basically The Lizzo Of China'

Introducing "Trade Daddy" Chen Biao, your new favorite "Weekend Update" guest.

It’s safe to say new “Saturday Night Live” hire Bowen Yang is having a moment as the first Chinese American cast member to join the series and so is the hilarious new character he debuted over the weekend.

If the ongoing U.S.-China trade war has given us one thing, it’s fictional trade representative Chen Biao, aka “Trade Daddy,” who made his first of hopefully many appearances on “Weekend Update” alongside co-host Michael Che.

“You guys increase your taxes on our imports. We increase taxes on yours. Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of it all, and you know I hate the attention,” Yang’s Biao said. “JK! I’m balling out right now, cuz I’m the top tariff taskmaster.”

When Che admitted he didn’t expect a top Chinese official to be so candid about such a pressing issue, Biao explained it’s his time to shine.

“I’m having my moment. I’m basically the Lizzo of China right now,” he replied. “And turns out I’m 100 percent that trade daddy.”

The comedian and podcaster continued to serve up some much-needed laughs during the segment by breaking down the economic conflict between world superpowers in terms we can all understand.

“You need us more than we need you, because we can survive without your movies starring The Rock, but good luck without iPhones,” he added. “How are you gonna text us in the middle of the night like, ‘You up? Can you investigate Joe Biden for me?’ Stupid.”

Before leaving the segment back in the hands of Che and Colin Jost, Yang’s Biao had one last zinger for the road about how China will come out on top: “We actually built our wall. And you can see ours from space.”

And just like that an iconic “SNL” character was born.

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