Bowmore 1957 Whisky To Be Auctioned For $162,000

A 54-year-old whisky from the Scottish whisky company Bowmore, aptly titled Bowmore 1957, will be auctioned off in Edinburgh (bottle 1, October 10) and New York (bottle 2, October 28) with a minimum reserve of £100,000 per bottle -- about $162,000. This is the oldest and rarest bottle from Bowmore; there are only 12 bottles in existence.

Bloomberg notes that this price would be a record for Scotch. The previous record was a 55-year-old Glenfiddich malt whisky sold for £46,850, about $76,000.

In 1995, a collection of 1957 casks were bottled but one was held back because it was considered "a bit more special, a bit more exceptional than the rest," according to a press release. Since then, the cask has been examined every six months. “Upon checking the whisky in early 2011, we knew it had reached perfection at 54 years of age. Bowmore 1957 withstood the test of time astoundingly well and is nothing short of brilliance in a glass,” says chief blender Andrew Rankin.

Expect the aroma to include everything from blueberries to almonds, cassis to figs.

All net proceeds will be donated to five Scottish charities.



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