Empathetic Boxer Demands Ref Stop Bloody Lopsided Fight

Punches, blood and words were flying.

Sometimes throwing a few punches is all you need to realize the merits of pacifism. At least that was the case for New Zealand heavyweight Willis Meehan last Thursday, when he was beating opponent Leamy Tato so badly that he pleaded with the referee to end the violence by calling the fight.

After connecting on a series of vicious blows to the head, Meehan turned to his right to bark at the referee. A brief pause later, the referee finally responded to Meehan's call for mercy, ending the bout 42 seconds into the second round. 

“I think when the ref sees it's an obvious outclassing he should step in earlier,” Meehan said later. "But it's the hurt business we are in. I got the job done and he's safe, he's on his two feet at the end of the night."

Per New Zealand news website Stuff, Meehan was “holding back” even in the first round, as he already expected the referee to signal the end of the bout.

That red spot you see on the screen? Yeah, that's blood. Ugh.


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