Boxer Stephen Smith Nearly Loses Ear. We Nearly Lose Our Lunch. (GRAPHIC)

"Hopefully all will heal well."

How’s this for the holiday spirit?

British boxer Stephen Smith had his ear torn in half like a piece of paper ― and still managed to wish fans a Merry Christmas on Sunday.

Smith got the gift of his left ear repaired by doctors who stitched it up following his super featherweight bout against Francisco Vargas in Las Vegas on Saturday.

WARNING: If you don’t like the sight of nearly severed ears, don’t read any further.

A head-to-head collision opened up the ghastly gap in the ninth round, and the fight was stopped. Vargas was awarded the victory.

Here’s a slo-mo look at the ear-tearing. Again, consult your squeamishness meter before viewing:

The fight brought back memories of another van Gogh moment in the ring, when Mike Tyson chomped off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear in a 1997 heavyweight title fight.

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