Boxers Or Briefs: Caucusing With Clever

In the spirit of helping you make an informed decision when you go to the polls, DanielXMiller is taking the time to discuss not only for whom you'll be casting a vote, but also what you'll be wearing when you do it. In Boxers or Briefs: Caucusing with Clever, he asks four voters how they come down on two of the most important decisions a man makes.

Daniel rounded up four Democrats who are supporters of either Bernie or Hillary, and he asked them to bare their bodies and their ballots.

Anthony from Washington, D.C. supports Bernie, because Bernie is different. It's no surprise then that he favors briefs and the brand CheapUndies to tell the world that he is liberal and care-free.

Hailing from Texas is Rance, who supports Hillary because she is a fighter. A pair of 2XIST brief is his pair of choice to show that he is not afraid to think outside the box.

George is our second Bernie supporter. Another brief-wearer, George supports Bernie, because he is trustworthy, and briefs for their close fit. He defaults to Calvin, but he's a liberal who changes his mind all the time-when it comes to underwear.

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