Boxers Or Briefs: Figure Drawing

In an artistic turn this week, we find DanielXMiller at the Tom of Finland Foundation, a bastion of erotic art dedicated to its preservation. Could there be a better venue for the question of the day? Seeking an answer, Daniel finds two figure models participating in a drawing session. Fortunately, Jameson from Tucson, Arizona, and Matthew from Manassas Virginia, are willing to step out of their poses and take part in Boxers or Briefs: Figure Drawing.

As it turns out, neither Jameson nor Matthew are strangers to Tom of Finland. In addition to figure drawing and modeling opportunities, the foundation holds events and circulates news about art and erotica. Daniel discusses the experiences of these two models and how they found themselves posing for artists. In the video below, you'll learn about some of the challenges the models face, and also why they enjoy the work.

We won't spoil the show and tell you the answers to Daniel's central question, but we can tell you that, because these guys are already naked, Boxers or Briefs: Figure Drawing, has an interesting inversion on the signature video series you've come to enjoy: these models have to actually put underwear on in order to help Daniel finish his reporting.

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