Boxing Trainer Freddie Roach On Clinton vs. Trump

The vibes around tomorrow night's debate are reminiscent of the buzz before the first Ali vs. Frazier fight. Boxing might me a marginalized sport but it is certainly turning out to be the best sports analogy for the Clinton/Trump set-to. Unlike football or soccer, the debate is a one-on-one contest with a prize that far exceeds that of any championship belt. It will be a contest of intelligence, wit, and will. Analysts are breaking down the upcoming showdown as they would a title tilt. Everyone is offering advice on how aggressive his or her candidate should be, whether to turn it into a brawl, or keep it calm and presidential. The issue of who has the stamina to go toe -to-toe for ninety minutes has been a subject of intense discussion.

Alas, Hall-of -Famer and seven-time trainer of the year, Freddie Roach, recently chimed in with this cornerman's counsel:

It's been a dirty fight so far so that's what you have to be prepared for. Punches will be thrown below the belt. They will be butting heads. And you can certainly expect to have your foot stepped on. The rule of thumb is this. Protect yourself at all times. If something is working, keep on doing it. Standing around admiring your work is a big mistake. You have to stick and move. I expect the first debate to go the distance but don't be surprised to see some knockdowns. Conditioning and ring generalship may prove to be the key factors on Monday night.