Oregon Governor 'Pardons' Boy Who Took A Pen And Nut From Capitol

"I hope you and the people of Oregon can forgive me," a fourth-grader wrote in a letter to Kate Brown.

An act that could be seen as the smallest of thefts has led to a big-hearted apology from a child in Oregon.

A fourth-grader named Samuel recently wrote to Oregon’s governor, apologizing to her “and the people” for swiping a pen and a single hazelnut from the state Capitol last month.

In the handwritten letter Gov. Kate Brown (D) shared on Thursday, Samuel says he took some things while touring the Capitol on April 19.

"It was wrong for me to take them. I’m very sorry,” he wrote. “I hope you and the people of Oregon can forgive me.”

He enclosed the pen and a dollar bill, which he said could be used “to replace the hazelnut.”

In her response to the boy, Brown declared that all is forgiven ― and even encouraged him to “come back soon!” She also said she was sending him another pen, and that she hoped it would “be an adequate memento of your visit to at the Capitol.”